Petit et grand Lapin AMLO, merci a toi pour t’on enseignement

Seulment des qu’ils q’on aimons le vrais “Francophonies” peux comprendrre l’escence de c’est mot: ….

petit Lapin…qu’an tu aviais descendrais du ciel… avec beacoup des parmilliers…”.

par SRomo/ Sergio Po

One day , in my early eighteens younger, even starting my first one day step in the Business Administration Class Room i had yet created (one year ago) my first small independent Enterprise (just me as founder, Ceo and trup member) as i had consider it, all based on compliant and objetives as a admin-books testaments remark) , first as independent alone “accountant taker-books” from a bunch of small “comercios” central-markets-owners business, were every Saturday those small-patrons pay my time-service.

That Enterprise inspiration coming from the needs (for real) to pay my studies, every day feeds and why not my weekend Movies just as any young guy from my time have to do to the lake of “one good father” or backed financial cushion even for the lake of any relative or grand brother supply. Just was my reality on my time but not just only mine, even a bunch of other younger from my time.

Those small Entreprise every day (inclusive weekends) activity let me cover my monthly rent of a small Room inside the Mexico City core and needs lives for the next days, and so longe all the year.gave me the GLOBAL VISION of my real Business Future but let me explain more about before next step:

Any sign or sniff about the computer systems on those time ? NEVER INDEED !

once just under the complex Computer Consultory world.

under my deeply strong hard: i had a Dream:

Be the Respectable Independent Computer Consultory as Mexico Enterprise.

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