the dream

I killed him when i was 17 years old, but that make me a murders? acording with the law yes, but according with me that means the result of lots of injurise he made to gain that not only to me but all others lovers ; that means the deeply and nasty inconscious project from a guy who claim it is my father (distant to be a real father more that progeniteur because i m realy convinced i just came at this word as product of “macho” hotness after some lots of “presidente cuba libre” made they effects. He produce that project since the first day i show my self from my mothers cover, me and problably my nearly sister both but just because it borning means “more expense and responsability to carry–” ; i m the 5th of 4 brothers( sisters and brothers) combined.

After 17 years of violence from him (alway on the weackness subjets) , physocogic terrorims, every year no mather what — the day as the project came: I kill him such a dog, with a “garrote”, two hits direct on his head.

The reason: those append in the last movement he focking lunatic intent to injure my mother with a “cocacola” boutail. his first intent was to put direct on my mama’s head the first hit, fortunatly he failed.

Today i m 18 years old withs height month closed in the “Cefereso” (Mexican jail nomination just for long time badguys enclosed) and my spectation to freedon will come not after 10 years leither.

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