Max Weber book was real or just mama’s myth fiction?

This is again another HORROR-STORIES’tale from my personal GALLERY about some myths of ancient genius lived and still governed the educational rooms deeply on the University class rooms of this globe.

Hello reader, as you know me yet or maby it is your first surfing on, those i m writing today here is not came from an expert of the theme and my story just try to make fun and deeply reflection about the “social adoration of those who made science and culture before my cybernetic time”; it is just my proud common sense to discover exactly the right way of “MYTHS” from those who my brain retained as GENIUS during my Superior Education.

i dont pretend make judge of any one certainly mama’s wifes or feminism movement , just take my writing stuffs like a common sence postule… just reflexions and questions about myths of genealogy of ancients genius leaders until now alive in education schools.

Sromo ‘s main brains.

Today this is about MAX WEBER BOOK (MB for the gangs): Since my first experience as avid “Lecteur” early my eighteens as Mexico student in my research i found this HUGHT BOOK “Economía y Sociedad  Max Weber…” (the Socialisms according with MB), 1200 PAGES FULLED OF TESTAMENTS.

As you can perceive , around those years young as a simple teenager spectator who follow the “teacher river rout of recommendation…” , and always MAX WEBER on those years (still now) in the “superior university socialism class room” talk about the same topics , none Teacher (until now) is talking nothing else like this when you try to understand socialism classroom :

” The wife of MX WB was she (and only she not other) who toke the charge to recompile FULL (miracle) THEORIES DIRECT FROM HER DEATH HUSBAND” and PUT ON THIS LONELY (ONLY ONE)….STUNNY BOOK.

Boshit! (russian) … Who in his common sence can buy that— even until now none mortal can speak withs his wife ( Mozart or Batch can’t do) some like even me after 30 years of married i can’t establish a direct high conversation with my wife about my professional skills just because she is my wife and i m his husband and parents (both) of two boys, just like that. I don’t buy today the Germanism claime that “époque” they had a “perfect married” as today! common!, if you just open the books history you will find as troglodyte -story remarkables : the “woman” couple on those times just figure like an “object” until the feminism liberation (this happen early 1900?? i think so).

Who else in the common sense can eat (until now) some stuffs like that : “…she recompile full writers letters … and put on THAT HUGH BOOK-… ??????.. more than 1 thousandths page with lake of methodical , metrical, coherence literary style … , when i started reading first 400 pages (complete atoned of that kinds of faults) and after a while i quit atone to discover what exactly means this ( let me tell you of curse after a long time i just finished just to arrive at today).

more of funny:

when each Youtube video acording of “Teach Socilalims and Max Weaber ” classroom claim at the first (and second and so long i can assure you) contact:…. Max WB was borned in Gemany around 1864 … (burring i means , it is relevant that king of precepts, i mean the city he was born? , country and the year ? some one tel my maybe it is a some “kinesthesis zodiac stuffs you had borne especial in this year? “… or so what because he is German all mortals have to kneaded about this? , COMMON! JUAREZ was ZAPOTECO and borne and lived on same century around those years and was the bigger President on Mexico United States (this is the wright name of MEXICO until 2020 ). then Juarez was a GENIUS TOO? Yes, i bought those history more than other.

(i continue with this WB reflexion:)

the scholar teachers claim those: ==>> HE NEVER FINISHED HIS WORK AND HE DIED BEFORE THIS FIRST IMPRESSION OF THIS BOOK <=== (WHAT? maybe lots of reasons ,. haaah — that put me brain to fly.. mmm, let me think– perhaps because he spend his full time smoking Opium and gambling and drinking all fucking day as right style of “intellectuals” of that “époque” does. ).

(continue with my horrostory)

and just his passionate and lovely wife toke ( i suppose full spreader) writings … (WHAT???? who can ASSURE WHIT LOW IN HAND and a Cross in ins heart THOSE HAPPEN JUST LIKE SHE/THEY EDITOR CLAIM IT WAS HAPPEN LIKE THAT???

Common, i m a child?, … those i think suppose maybe (just mabe) Germans gangs and only they SELL THOSE UTOPIA to all Younger folks with weak brains (means future University Proffers at the ending 20 century and today to) around the world . Dangerous situation i think just because some stuffs like that started the Jewish holocaust…created for the Germans by the way.

Let me be clear, this words not profess any anti-germanims or any direct criticisms about German people, more or some around that topic; i m just referring like as CRITICISM OF NAIVETÉ OF LATINO EDUCATIONAL STUDENT MASSES and his MORBID NAIVETY and AS TODAY NOBODY CAN BREAK!( my “probe” this affirmation come of recent video play as room-University rooms sessions.). In Mexico there popular ancestors LEGACY said that: “la culpa no es del burro sino de quien lo hizo compadre…” (he donkey has not guilty just the guy who considerar his buddy.. come kind of that because in spanish and olders-precets from the anciens you only can undestand if you has born as hispano-speaker).

But what make my day thinking about that? The deeple answer why that KIND OF MYUTH WORKS AROUND 69 TO 79 could be here: it is as reflexion of olders for the AMERICA SPANISH INVASIONS ; worse european human garbage came one day from long countries (apparently high cultural regions) to NEW WORLD DISCOVERED and selling “ESPEJITOS” (mirrors) and stolen all golds and slaving full natives (and raping womens) just because ….like animals… but TODAY ON FULL 21 CENTORY STIL WITH THAT ABERRATION?

please University School students ,awake !!!

… master degrees scholars stoll saying about toony toon stories like that: “She toke all the Ideas and put on those book”. I dont now how long the scholar Credit (it is “obligatoir” to pass) take learning (or hearing all semester) that kind of aberration.

(yes because on those “époque “nothing can be saved and organize on disk or electronic files… so, my common sense say: just some things like that can assure me the Myth of Wife clasification was “bolshit (again russian), i dont buy that the ” REAL PENSAMIENTO de Max Weber esta en este libro ” (the real ideas of Max Weber was on this book) stuffs like that.

Acording white last THEORY , maybe his wife dosen’t have any more change to “cover Max gambling life style (or jonling ) debts, and the only way his editors found miraculous solutions and MINE OF GOLD (again naiveté of Americas country) playing histories like that.

mmm .. Ok.. i know more than one and all theme live and trespass a “UNIVERSITY DEGREE CREDITS JUST USING THIS bolshit..” but why?


Why not ever better gave at that HONORABLE WIFE RIGHT CREDITS ABOUT HER HUGHT EFFORT (named what?), I m not blaming SHE, but however She does her BEST to cover her debts as widow wife! because after that book there not exist more else (or i don’t have any reference about that.. even google does). Or maybe , the History has another end-result: i m supposing the full book is pleanty of MAX WEBER’WIFE IDEAS her selt and she just used the death husband prestige to publish (as a experiment) that book not expecting they can traspast the door.. but SURPRISE! all those was the bigger HIT of his life!– hallejah!

It is not betther make most real for today the way you teach this SOCIALISMS, or maybe she did not nothing, and all fully idea came from a “maquiavelic” publishers brains, maybe the PARENT OF SOCIALISM CREDIT belong to one other not exactly those mythic guys.

But now , i m sure nore than one coincide about in the 21 Century any else who follow those precepts is conditioned to bankrupting (i m referencing as entrepreneur and not as Public bureaucracy poppy as the actual public administration around the world but even bankruptcy is the main precept of Governance states isn’t it???? I m not saying MB was the only wrong , and the others too C. Max, Simmel , Kant or the other gangs, i m only breaking the MISTINESS around all wrong way to teach and learn this.

Now, what else about SOCIALIMS THEORY, still alive yet?

or it is just a stuffing theme of actual Universities? I m sure i m not the Columbus about that on this time, so, who is or what else as raise his hand and taked the NEW 21 CENTURY SOCIALISM today?

Or probably there exist today , i ma sure about that, then please it they are, please let me read your proposal according to this new era.

But each one will have his own space in my future publications and my personal (constructive reflexion i promess that cross my heart) , if you like to contribute your respectable opinion let me know about.

so long.

As you know i m a humble reader of lots of Topics who remarke my student time: i have University degree (full finished) as LAE (Business Administration from EBC Mexico City) also as SOFTWARE ENGINEER studies (Rosenblueth Fundation Mexico City) and lots of Computer Certification direct form USA (CA most particular Silicon Valley) with my own brand (second one). I spend my full days (and my way to live) lots of hours jocking with abstraction (it mean creating computer program and logarithms using last technologies around software) ; but time as time after big abstraction talking with computer processors only, my “wolf nature” outcrops and i have urgent feel to make a break and put that kind of reflection just as a special “LECTEUR” of analytic of UNIVERSAL SCIENCE STUFFS; my native language is Spanish (realy high knowledge about) but i m and avid learned of global Foreign Cultures in its natural language not only as spectator even as future “ÉCRIVAIN(french)” that is why you will find mixed kind of stuffs around my histories those are writer in English , French and Spanish and sooner (i promised) in others languages , then please be nice here about english nonstructural paragraphs and common sense for each row; i know in this proposal i had made mistakes i will appreciate if you can nicely proposal your particular suggest to correct as “redacteur” and style, thanks).

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